Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weight Check: Week 29

Weight as of Friday: 167.8 (-1.2)

Total loss to date: -32.4

I'm a little late this week in posting but I come through with negative (good) results! Well...I am pretty darn good at this consistency thing-- with an average of -1.1/week.


This week has been a bit of a binge week. I ate an entire bag of taro chips plus a bit of another this weekend, tack on a bunch of cheese sticks (lite at least), mini soy ice cream bars, dark chocolate, crackers, etc. All of my I-should-not-buy-this-because-I'll-eat-it-all-in-one-sitting stuff. I'm almost breaking even point-wise but only because I've upped my daily points by 2 just so I don't feel as bad. Is that an ok thing? Heh....

Well there's always next week.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Before & Progress: Measurements

I didn't take any measurements at my post pregnancy starting weight like I ought to have. Frankly, I was too mortified to attempt it. However, I did take my measurements right around the time I started this blog after I'd lost about 11 pounds.

Before/Current (11/6/2009 vs. 4/3/2010)

Weight: 189.6 / 169
Pants Size: 14 /10 (loose)
Hips: 43" / 39"
Thighs: 25" / 23"
Waist: 35" / 31.5"
Bust: 40.5" / 37.5"
Arms: 12.3" / 11.6"

Op! Little guy woke up from his nap. Got to scoot!

Weight Check: Week 28

Weight as of yesterday: 169 (-0.2)

Total weight loss to date: -31.2