Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Pants and the Squat Dance

I've been looking to acquire a new pair of running capris since I ripped a gaping hole in the unmentionable area of my favorite pair back during the Pints to Pasta 10k race in September. I haven't been lucky enough to come across anything I liked since it's not really seasonably appropriate, so I finally bit the bullet and checked out Running Warehouse. I've heard runners rave about it but I've never checked it out. Within minutes, I found a price-slashed pair of Saucony capris that fit my requirements (butt pocket a must!). Two days later, they arrived (shipped for free) at my doorstep with a free shipping return label included. Needless to say, I'm a convert. ****I swear that Running Warehouse has no idea I exist or is giving me any sort of commission for saying these words. I'm just a very impressed consumer and these are my words that I said all by myself and I am not a robot.

That being said. YAY! Look at my new running capris!

 I had plans to run this morning but I spent too much time updating something online (foreshadowing my next post) and cleaning up after a two-year-old, that I missed my window of opportunity. Instead, I grabbed my 20# Kettlebell and hopped around my living room doing all kinds of squats, lunges, rows, pushups, etc. I eventually switched to a heavier 33.4# weight (see below) that I had sitting about the house to finish off my routine with some pliets and more squats.

And the tiny dude chants at me: "UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN!"

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  1. I love Running Warehouse! If you go to and click on the Running Warehouse banner on her page you can get 10% your order :)