Friday, February 24, 2012

Summing up Seattle

I've neglected the "blogosphere" lately. My Reader is piling up so quickly, I'm afraid to look at it. I really ought to stop adding blogs to it but y'all are just so damn interesting.

Anyway, my tiny little family went hog wild in Seattle this weekend and had a blast! I had Saturday planned out to the nth degree because I didn't want to miss a moment of opportunity, including this...

The above is a rest stop somewhere south of Olympia. We stop at it every year to get this picture. If you look closely, there's a tiny "You are Here" over Thurston's head. It makes me chuckle every time. I hope Thurston enjoys it as much as we do when he gets to be an apathetic self-absorbed teenager.

After the rest stop, I wouldn't budge on my schedule even for a bathroom break when Dave started dancing in his seat. We just had to get to Red Mill Burger. We had to. Even if we were in stop-n-go traffic through downtown.

All was quickly forgiven when the above pile of HUGE onion rings were plopped in front of us. This place was packed to the gills and we had to beat people down to get a table but when all was said and done, the food was DELICIOUS. We stuffed ourselves silly and then headed to the Seattle Center to check out the Experience the Music Project and even more importantly, the Battlestar Galactica exhibit.

We kind of LOVE that show...

When it comes to museums, Dave and I are more like in-n-outers-see-it-once-see-it-all types. We can't sit still and read each and every plaque or get neurotic if we miss a tiny scrap of wood that came off of Kurt Cobain's guitar during a Nirvana show (Nirvana was also an exhibit that Dave' gleefully pursued). Plus, we have a certain little person amongst us, who tends to demand attention. At least he was free. Thus, we were in and out of the EMP in just over an hour.

With the extra time on our hands (and my schedule), we decided to hop on the Monorail and hit up Pikes Place Market. Dude loves trains. Have I mentioned this before?

That evening we dined at an extremely over-priced and over-touristed restaurant that shall remain unnamed because I really don't want to remember that we actually willingly spent money there. 

The next day started out with yet another Monorail ride...

Followed by a delightful little brunch at a random cafe we found in Pikes Market. This almost made up for our terrible dinner.

We headed down to the Warf and caught the hour-long Ferry to Bremerton. T-Dizzle was seriously thrilled and we found ourselves chasing after him from one end of the boat to the other...a few times over.

Turns out, if you get off the Ferry and then walk back on again to go back to Seattle, the return fare is free. Sweet deal, people. Sweet deal!

That afternoon, after running around like a Banshee on the ferry, little dude quickly conked out in the stroller while Dave and I had a rather peaceful picnic lunch a la Beecher's on warf. This was probably the best meal of the whole trip, although I might have been biased because tiny tot was pleasantly asleep for all of it.

And no visit to Seattle can be complete without a visit to the GUM WALL. While it is disgustingly disturbing, I cannot seem to turn away.

I missed my long run because of our trip but I did manage to work out a couple times and we walked so much all over the city that my legs really didn't miss anything.


  1. so much fun!! I love Seattle! Looks like a great time.
    Also, your hair is beautiful! So jealous.