Monday, March 5, 2012

13 Rolling Miles and My Rolling Stomach


My legs were grumpy yesterday morning after I'd rolled out of bed, pounded a cup of coffee and hit the roads. The route I'd chosen was point-to-point from my house to downtown Lake Oswego, where I'd meet my Dad for coffee. Had I not planned the meet-up, I'd have probably circled around and headed back home after only two miles. But I kept on, grumbling to myself and hoping to feel that rush of adrenaline would kick into my legs.

Eventually, I did begin to feel better. This helped:

And this too:

As I started up into the hills, my legs warmed up and felt somewhat less awful. There were scads of people from various training groups in the hills and I got sandwiched in amongst them as I was running. The Gu's weren't sitting well in my stomach and I had to take a couple short walking breaks to make sure I'd be able to keep them down. Whenever I slowed, a pack of runners would rush passed me in a throng of sloshing water bottles and chatter.

Eventually, I made it up past the Chart House and to Barber Blvd.  By then, crowds of runners disappeared and I had begun making up my time with the descents.

At about mile 9, I crossed over the freeway and began to make my way up yet another enormous hill. My stomach was tumbling, my legs were feeling trashed and I had to take a few short walking breaks. A market sat at the top of the hill and I ran in to use the restroom and to buy an energy drink. At this point, I was just desperate for some juice in the tank and the drink seemed to help a little.

Soon I entered into Tryon Creek State Park and was relieved to be able to run on a quiet and nearly empty path for the next couple miles. I took it easy and cruised with relative ease.

The last mile afforded a rather pleasant descent and although my legs were pretty sapped at this point, it was easy to just cycle them down the hill to my finishing place in downtown Lake Oswego.


It was a rough start and not my greatest run to date, but I enjoyed getting out on my own for a couple hours and I definitely was glad to put the miles behind me!

I had a cup of coffee with my Dad and then spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon with these dudes:


  1. I thought long runs were supposed to be slow??? You were flying based on those mile splits!

  2. I agree - your long runs are fast! Look at mile 13! Awesome speed!

  3. Thanks guys. I honestly wonder if there's something wrong with my Garmin because it certainly felt a lot slower!

  4. Awesome run and beautiful pictures! I remember going to summer camps at Tryon Creek State Park.
    I have said this before, but your hair is gorgeous!