Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Percy Crashed and Thomas Laughed

"Toby go over mountain! Percy go through tunnel! Oh No!! PERCY CRASHED, MAMA!! MAMA!!! PERCY CRASHED! Oh no!!!!! Mama!!! Mama?"

I'm not quite sure if he's self aware enough to know that he's just making this stuff up in his head or if it's reality to him. There are times that Dave and I will hunker quietly outside his room just to hear the things he says to his toys when he doesn't know we're listening. The highlight of my day.

Who, me?

On Sunday, I took T-dude in the jogging stroller up to the Mt. Tabor reservoir to run loops on the relatively flat path that overlooks the city. It was a gorgeous day, turning into a beautiful evening. When I finished my run, we hiked up to the playground near the summit, which I figured would be reward for his allowing me to push him around in circles for thirty minutes. We were afforded with these views on our way up:

Thurston pointed out every runner, baby, dog, kid, cyclist, and tree on our way.  

Unfortunately when we finally got to the playground, I learned the hard way that the mosquitoes were out that evening with a vengeance. I grabbed T and ran almost screaming from the site, determined to get out of the park before we were eaten alive. I had to bribe T with the promise of pizza at home in order to get him out of the park.

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