Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekend Warriors [Sunday]

Apparently the best thing in the world [to a nearly 3-year-old] is running aimlessly back and forth over and over again. 

T-Money and his buddy, Declan, spent the morning doing just that all while emitting loud shrieks of laughter. They know how to live it up. Seriously.

Then I dragged the dudes out to a greasy spoon breakfast because I hate waiting in lines. T-man then ate three packets of jelly. He was pretty darn hungry after all that runnin'. Mom of the year award goes to...

Afterward, I made the Dudes wait for me to run into the nearby running store to re-stock my energy gels. Can you guess my favorite flavor?

We cheered on T, as he into crushed trains and cars with his new (to him) Monster truck.

I went for a windy 4-mile shake out run.

And then fought T for a spot in our bed. Mind you, he has his own. He just sneaks into ours every night. Stinker.

Overall, pretty much one of the best rainy day Sundays ever.

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